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jewelry for a life well lived

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"Permanent jewelry, (also referred to as permanent bracelets, forever bracelets or welded jewelry) is to me, an option to celebrate, signify, commemorate events, show a bond with someone you love - a bestie, mom, daughter, sister, friend, anyone! -  memorialize, honor events, treat yourself - for a moment in your life,  similar to a tattoo or piercing.  And while it is technically called "permanent" -  it can be removed should you need or desire to remove it. 

I knew I wanted to offer high-quality pieces - something that truly could be worn and lived in. After all, this is Weld(ed) - jewelry for a life well lived."
                                                                                                                 - Amber

                                                                                                                   founder, weld(ed) & Amber Budd Atelier

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