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Hello, I'm Heidi!

I'm a lash artist with a passion for natural lash safety, for people who want understated elegance.

I joined Amber Budd Atelier in 2018, and my favorite part about working here are my coworkers and clients!

With five years of experience in the lash industry, I have honed my skills in understanding eye shapes, lash adhesive pH balances, and how our eyelashes work through hair cycles.

My clients call me "meticulous" and "well-trained and knowledgeable," i'm known for my attention to detail and ability to disect any issues with retention.

Outside of work, I'm passionate about learning anything I can, and enjoy reading, vinyl records and historic dramas.


Want to know more?....

1. I have degrees in law enforcement, criminal justice and secondaary education

2. I voraciously collect information on a variety of topics from animals, to historical fashion, to science and everything in between.

3. I've visited 48 states

4. I love art, and do pen & ink, digital art, photography, and crochet.

5. My top five places I want to visit are Instanbul, Budapest, Vienna, Edinburgh and Dublin

Hang out with me and get ready for your lash nap on Instagram @h.r.lashes  or email me at

Heidi Rene, master lash artist, Burnsville, MN
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Education and Qualification

  • LashBox LA Mega Volume Certified, 2019

  • Graduate, LA Beauty School, Lash Technician, 2018

  • JB Lash Volume Certified

  • Extreme Retention Certified, Elina Lash

  • Hormonal Changes Cource

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