Lash Extensions

Have you just HAD IT with trying to achieve the perfect lashes every day...starting with the modern day torture device known as a lash curler, followed by eight coats of whatever mascara you purchased last week because the one before that just didn't make the cut? 

What if you could wake up, brush through your full, long, beautiful lashes and walk out the door? 


Our eyelash extension artist takes her time on a thorough consultation with you to decide what the best lash look for you is going to be - cat eye, wide open "doll eyes", mermaid lashes, or something completely custom to you.  That's what a true artist does - not one person's eyes are the same, so YOU deserve custom service. 


You'll leave your appointment feeling rested (did we mention lash naps?!), beautiful, and ready to take on the world.


Let's do this thing. 


Not sure if lashes are a good fit for you? Call us, we would love to meet you for a consultation and determine what will work out!

Due to the nature of this service, online booking is only available for Full Sets. Any Fill appointments should be made by contacting us at 612-656-9298 or email at