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Spray Tan

Airbrush Spray Tan customized to your skin tone - cool, warm or neutral. 

Choose between Rapid or Traditional tan solutions - we're here to help you decide what will be best for your day!

Rapid Spray Tans can be rinsed between 1-4 hours

Traditional Spray Tans can be rinsed between 8-12 hours post spray.

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a technique where a fine airbrush mist is sprayed onto the skin to create an even, natural-looking tan. The solution used in spray tanning contains a sugar molecule that reacts with the proteins in the outer layer of the skin to produce a browning effect. This reaction takes place over the course of several hours, and the final result will depend on the type of solution used and how long it is left on the skin.

Your technician will help you determine the spray tan solution and how long it will take to develop prior to needing to rinse/shower.

The Benefits of Spray Tanning or Rapid Tanning

  • Improved appearance: A spray tan can give you an instant confidence boost by making you look and feel more attractive. (Who doesn't love a glow?)

  • Convenience: Spray tanning is a quick and convenient way to get a tan, making it a great choice for busy people.

  • Safe: Spray tanning is safe and does not require exposure to damaging UV rays.

What to Expect at my Spray Tan Appointment?

Our Rapid Spray Tan service will have you bronzed in 1-4 hours, while our Traditional Spray Tan service allows for a longer processing time 8-12 hours before rinse. Both of our services use high-quality solutions that are safe for your skin and produce beautiful results. Our team of skilled , certified spray tan technicians will ensure that you get the perfect tan every time.

Spray Tan Appointment

  • Pre-appointment Step 1 - Make sure rinse well so that any body lotion, oils, makeup, deodorant, tanning lotions, and creams are removed prior to the appointment.

  • Pre-appointment Step 2 - You can rinse with cold water to ensure that your pores close to give you an even tan.

  • Step 1 - SET: We choose the right type of solution for your skin type. We apply the solution evenly to your skin to ensure that the solution is applied evenly.

  • Step 2 - RINSE: We use rapid rinse solutions that allows you to remove the cosmetic bronzer after the recommended rinse time.. Rinse off the solution with warm water. Do a warm water rinse only (avoid hot showers) and don't use soap or shampoo for your first shower. Tap yourself dry with a towel - don't rub the area.

  • Step 3 - DEVELOP: Your skin will initially look like your normal skin after you rinse off the solution. This is completely normal and it takes a few hours for your tan to appear (based on the type of formulated spray tan solution. Don't worry - you will have a darker and perfect glow after the following nights sleep (can take up to 24 hours)!

Spray Tan Session Tips

Here are some helpful tips on everything from how to prepare for your spray tan to how to prolong its results.

  • To prepare for your spray tan, exfoliate your skin and shave or wax any unwanted hair (or entire body if you prefer) at least 24 hours beforehand. This will help the solution to adhere evenly to your skin and avoid the dreaded "starberry dot" skin, and give you that sun kissed glow!

  • Allow the solution to dry completely before getting dressed.

  • To prolong the results of your spray tan, avoid exfoliating or shaving for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Moisturize your skin regularly with a spray tan safe lotion to help the tan last longer.

  • Try to avoid activities that make you sweat or anything that makes you wet for the next few hours as it can cause streaks.

  • Don't use mineral oil - they can cause dry patches of skin and leave a streaky appearance.

Spray Tanning FAQ

How long does a spray tan last for?

  • Spray Tanning generally last for about five to seven days, depending on the type of tan and the care you take of it. You will want to avoid contact with water, which can fade the tan, and avoid sweating for the setting time of the tan solution.

Is Spray Tanning and self tanning better than going to a tanning Salon?

  • Absolutely! It's safer to get rapid spray tans on a regular basis than going to a UV tanning salon. Our tanning solutions enhances your radiant glow without exposing you to the sun's rays or to the cancer causing radiation from tanning salons.

Are spray tans worth it?

  • Yes. You can achieve your perfect glow on while balancing your busy schedule, without damaging UV rays!

Does a spray tan look natural?

  • Yes. Spray tans do look natural! Our bronzer and rapid solution will not leave your skin looking orange! We have several solutions available available for all skin tones!

What do you wear during a spray tan or rapid tan?

  • Wear something loose and comfortable that you can easily take off after your appointment to avoid streaks. While you are being sprayed, you can wear your bra, underwear, an old bikini or swimsuit, or go up to completely nude. We've seen it all, and just want you to get the tan you desire.

How long do you have to wait to shower after a rapid spray tan?

  • You should typically wait about 1-4 hours to wash the area with our rapid solutions and 8 -12 hours for traditional spray tan. This will allow your tan to fully develop.

Can I leave tan lines?

  • Yes! We can absolutely apply our tanning solution to make some areas darker while leaving other areas lighter. We will utilize your clothes to shape the area while we are spraying. (swimwear, underwear, etc.)

Can I go to bed without showering or rinsing?

  • You can; however, please know that our spray tanning products can transfer to your bed (especially white sheets) while you sleep if you don't do an initial rinse. We are not responsible of transfer to your personal items.

Is it better to rapid tan or self tan?

  • The of the many reasons to do a spray tan is that it's faster, can be easily rinsed, it's organic and has a great price.

What is the main ingredient of our rapid tanning solution?

  • The main ingredient in our rapid spray tan solution is DHA, which is a natural sugar molecule. Our solutions are safe for your skin, produce beautiful results, and leave you with a perfect glow!

What about Sensitive Skin and Rapid Spray Tans?

  • It's ok to have rapid spray tans with sensitive skin. If you have, or have had sensitivities, to any rapid spray tan solution, we can do a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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