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Cryo T Shock

Advanced Body Contouring Treatment at Amber Budd Atelier

Cryo T-Shock Treatment is a body slimming and fat-reduction that can reduce fat cells up to 40%!


T Shock exposes your fat cells to alternating warm therapy, then a prolonged period of cold therapy, then heat again. This causes a safe and natural controlled cell death (or fat cell apoptosis) of your fat layer. The body naturally removes the destroyed fat cells by flushing the fat cells through your body's lymphatic system and urine.


Our Thermal Shock procedure helps accelerate metabolism and increases inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate the affected cells. You will see results after just one treatment! With our affordable prices, there's no reason not to try Cryo T-Shock today.

Benefits of Thermal Shock

  • Reduce Body Fat and Lose Weight

  • Nonsurgical Body Contouring

  • Increases Collagen and Elastin Production

  • Tighten Saggy Skin and Loose Skin

  • Reduce Cellulite

  • Skin Tightening

Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is a common problem that affects ~80% of women. Cellulite is characterized by dimpled skin, lumpy skin, and excess fat beneath the surface of the skin.

While there are many cellulite treatment options available, most are invasive and require surgery or other procedures. Cryo T Shock is a noninvasive body treatment that uses thermal shock therapy to reduce fat cells and eliminate cellulite in your subcutaneous tissue.

Our effective treatment will help reduce excess fat and treat cellulite but, How much cellulite or stubborn can I lose? You will see noticeable fat reduction and start losing weight within just a few treatment sessions!

Reduce Wrinkles and Increase Collagen Production

Cryo T Shock therapy helps to reduce wrinkles and combat the natural aging process! This service also helps to increase blood flow to your skin cells and helps increase collagen production helping to improve your skin's structure!

Tighten Saggy Skin / Loose Skin

Our thermal shock therapy is clinically proven to tighten saggy skin and improve the overall appearance of your skin.


Lose Belly Fat and Tighten Loose Skin

Cryo T Shock helps you get rid of unwanted belly fat around your waist in just a few treatments! We want to help you shed belly fat to show off those abdominal muscles!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Treatments / Sessions does it take to see results?

  • You may see results after a single treatment; however, we recommend setting up multiple sessions (5 treatments in the series) to see optimal results and a noticeable reduction in fat. Results can vary based on genetic factors, hormonal factors, eating habits, and exercise habits!

Thermal Shock vs Alternate Body Fat Treatments

  • Cyro T Shock is safer than other body contouring treatments. It is a non-surgical alternative to remove fat tissue. It does not require Chemical Injections or expose you to extreme cold therapy and/or suction. This treatment is comfortable and relaxing.

Who is not eligible for Cryo T Shock Treatments?

  • Individuals with any of the following health risks (not limited to): Kidney disease, Increased Risk of Heart Disease, Lymphatic system disorders, pregnant women, severe diabetes, Compromised Immune System, or individuals on dialysis. If you have any concerns about your medical condition or health condition, you will need to consult with your health care professional prior to participating in our fat reduction treatments. Cryo T Shock also doesn't treat cancer or precancerous cells.

Necrotic cell death sounds scary, is Cryo T Shock safe?

  • Cell Death - or Cell Turnover for a less scary term - happens all the time in your body. Fat cells die when your body requires it - such as working out or by diet. Cryo T Shock treatment causes a natural controlled cell death (or fat cell apoptosis).

Does Cryo T Shock help in burning fat faster?

  • Cryo T Shock kick starts your body's cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that help eliminate fat cells. The fat removal process is assisted through working out within an hour or two of treatment, or by sitting in an infrared sauna.

Does thermal shock cause any redness?

  • Thermal shock does cause a slight amount of redness to occur in the localized fat treatment area / surrounding tissue. There area chemical reactions happening though the alternating warm and cold cycle. Any temporary redness is normal and will reduce within a few hours.

Does Cryo Therapy Hurt?

  • No, which is part of what makes Cryo T Shock amazing. It is a noninvasive treatment meaning that it never penetrates the skin and causes very little discomfort unlike cosmetic and laser therapy.

  • Our machine has an electronic temperature sensor located at the head of the device that controls the temperature and adipose tissue depth. The T Shock machine only affects the fatty deposits on your top fat layer (subcutaneous fat cells).

Why does this work - and what is Lipolysis?

  • T Shock therapy causes the blood vessels in the surrounding tissue to dilate and constrict causing lipolysis - which is the breaking down of fat cells. When you have a problem area of fat tissues - and trust us - we do too, you can't eliminate the fat cells due to inadequate blood supply. This makes it difficult for your body to access the fat cells and get the fat removal that we want.

  • In Simple Terms - We like to think of fat cells as objects in a garage. If you have a full's harder to get to the items in the back. This process opens the lanes in the garage (or blood vessels) in order for your body gradually eliminate the affected fat cells.

Is Cryo T Shock a version of Cool Sculpting?

  • No. Cryo T Shock is not a Coolsculpting treatment or Coolsculpting procedure. Cryo T Shock is one of the best body contouring procedures available because it's a non invasive method (no surgical procedure or injection) to see major fat loss without the lumps and bumps possible with cool sculpting.

What can I do to help keep shedding belly fat and lose weight throughout the day?

  • Our weight loss treatment can be assisted through maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a combination of; healthy Diet, aerobic exercise,  reducing processed foods, saturated fat, and sugary drinks. 

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