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Waxing @ Amber Budd Atelier


Our Most Popular Waxes

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing is a popular choice for many women, as it provides a smooth and sleek look.

A full Brazilian Wax, also known as the 'Hollywood Wax', is the process of removing all or most of the pubic hair in the pubic region (including butt strips). Hair grows back more fine and soft. 

Bikini Wax

Bikini waxing is also a favorite as this waxing service removes unwanted hair outside of your bikini line / panty line. This is a great option for those who want to wear a swimsuit or other revealing clothing without worrying about unwanted hair, but aren't quite ready for the full Brazilian.

Eyebrow Wax / Brow Waxing

Tame those unruly brows and achieve your perfect look! Our professional brow waxing artists will work with you to create a shape that is flattering for your face. We customize every brow, because each face is different, and should be framed perfectly!

Underarm Wax

A team favorite - especially in the summer or for vacation! This one stings a bit, but its very fast, and the hairs grow back almost unnoticeably! 

Nose Wax

You're just going to have to trust us until you've had your first nose Wax doesn't hurt. At all! 

Hair Removal Menu

{The Bikini Waxes}

Brazilian Wax - $75

French Bikini Wax - $55

Bikini Wax - $45

a.k.a. Dermaplaning or facial blading}

Dermablading - $70

{Brow Waxing and Lip Waxing}

Brow Wax & Shaping - $30

Brow Wax & Shaping / Lip Waxing Combo - $40

Brow Wax & Shaping / Brow Tint Combo - $50

{Face Waxing and Body Waxing}

Full Face Wax - $70

Under Arm Wax - $25

Lip and Chin Wax - $30

Back or Chest Wax - $55

Half Leg Wax - $55

Lip Wax - $15

Chin Wax - $15

Cheek Wax - $25

Nose Wax - $15

Ear Wax - $20

Preparation and Aftercare

Before Any Waxing Appointment

  • Don't workout within a few hours of your appointment as sweating can irritate the skin.

  • Avoid sun exposure or using a tanning bed 24 hours before your appointment.

  • If you take Accutane, Retin-A, or any other medication that thins the skin, please let us know as you may not be a candidate for waxing.

  • If you have had any recent cosmetic procedures, or injections (such as botox or dysport) performed near the brow area, please let us know.

  • Please arrive freshly cleansed, removing any body lotion, and without makeup on the brow area, if possible.


  • You may have pain or discomfort for a few hours after your appointment as waxing can open your pores and remove dead skin cells.

  • Do not rub the treated area.

  • Use a cool compress or cortisone cream to help reduce redness or irritation.

  • We do our best to prevent ingrown hairs but if you have ingrown hairs, we recommend gentle exfoliation of the site three times a week in between waxes, and our Fur Ingrown Concentrate.

Hair Growth

  • How much hair do I need? If you end up shaving or want to trim - make sure you leave 1/4 inch of hair length. We can't work on stubble or too little hair and will need to let your hair grow out if it's less than that. You may have to make a second appointment if your hair grows a little too slowly.

Addressing Sensitive Skin

Talk to us! 

  • Please Ask Questions! - If you have an especially sensitive area, have low pain tolerance, or are scared about an element of hair removal service - make sure to talk to your licensed professional and ask questions from your wax specialist! We want to make sure you don't have a painful experience and that you feel comfortable!

Brow Wax Gallery

Hair Waxing

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have sensitive skin?

  • If you have sensitive skin, please let your esthetician know so they can take the necessary precautions.

What if I'm on my period?

  • Some people say waxing is more sensitive at this time, but others don't notice a difference, so it's really up to you. We do ask that if you have a tampon in, you tuck the string so it doesn't get caught in the wax.

How is the Atelier Compared to something like (insert name of giant wax chains here)?

  • We cater to each individual client and their specific needs - you won't be rushed in and out - you aren't just a number here.

What if I'm pregnant?

  • All waxing is generally safe during pregnancy. However, if you are uncomfortable or unsure, don't hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss pregnancy safe waxing options and how to make the service as comfortable as possible. You might be surprised how many women's first Brazilian wax is just before giving birth.

How often should I wax?

  • For Best Results, It is recommended to get a wax every 4-6 weeks - this ensures the hairs are not too long, and not too short. It also allows the hair to be released from the follicles easier and quicker, which means a more comfortable wax for you!

What if I have never been waxed before?

  • If you have never been waxed before, don't worry! Our estheticians will walk you through the process and make sure you are comfortable.

Why should I see a esthetician instead of doing a DIY Brazilian Wax from the store?

  • Hair removal is an art form and you can hurt yourself doing an at home wax. Our wax specialists pride themselves on their hair removal technique, reducing skin sensitivity, and use a delicate touch. Waxing at home can lead to bruising,  more ingrown hairs, torn skin and skin stuck together. (don't believe us? Ask our owner Amber about trying to give herself a brazilian...she will relay the ridiculous and hilarious story, telling you why even a professional doesn't do a brazilian wax at home)

Should I see the Atelier if I have worries about any moles?

  • If you have any concerns about your moles, we recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist. Moles can be a sign of skin cancer, so it is important to get them checked out. The dermatologist can determine if they are benign or not and provide any necessary treatment.

How often should I wax?

  • For Best Results, It is recommended to get a wax every 4-6 weeks.

Does the Atelier use Hard Wax or soft wax?

  • We use the highest quality soft wax and hard wax for services at the Atelier. 

Do you offer a full body wax?

  • Yes, we can combine all of our waxing to provide you a full body waxing. For females only.

Is is okay to wax over a tattoo?

  • Tattoos will not be affected by waxing as the wax does not penetrate the skin.

What are the Benefits of Brazilian or Bikini Waxing?

  • There are many medically reviewed studies that suggest Brazilian waxing can help to reduce the spread of infection and also help to keep the area clean. 

Do I have to be a certain age to get a wax?

  • Yes. You have to be 18 or older for any intimate (bikini/pubic) wax services, or have prior written permission before any hair removal visit outside the pubic area.

Do you provide treatment options for facial waxing?

  • Yes, we provide a few treatment options for facial waxing. We specialize in both regular facial waxing services and dermablade treatments. 

Do you offer a lip wax at the Atelier?

  • Absolutely - A lip wax is part of our core waxing services and we can definitely get rid of any unwanted hair growth!

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