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Meet The Team


Lash Technician


Advanced Practice Esthetician

Certified Aesthetic Injector

Taylor Wolf Headshot 2023.jpg

Advanced Practice Esthetician

How We Are Different

Safety First

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients and team above all else


Personal Responsibility

We take responsibility for our actions and attitude


Radiant Transformation

We are passionate about cultivating an uplifting environment, helping our clients to feel lighter and more radiant than when they walked in


Joyful Vibes

We wholeheartedly embrace being silly, quirky and fun - infusing positivity and joy into any interaction or experience whenever possible


Excellence & Education 

We are dedicated to excellence in our craft. Our confidence in our knowledge and continuous learning allows us to educate and empower our clients to care for their skin effectively



We offer suggestions for services and products, driven by our commitment to honesty and transparency



We build collaborative relationships with our clients and our teammates, working together to achieve the best results possible

Our Story

Under Construction - Coming Soon 

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