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Skin Classic

Skin Classic

The Skin Classic Treatment is a highly effective and affordable non laser treatment that helps to address minor skin imperfections for all skin types including; Skin Tags, Broken Capillaries, Sebaceous hyperplasia, Clogged pores, and Cherry angiomas.

{Skin Classic - 1 spot - $30} 

as many as possible in 15 minutes - $100 

as many as possible in 30 minutes - $150

Skin Classic Benefits

The Skin Classic Machine is a non-invasive direct high-frequency machine that uses electric current to treat irregularities. It a secret weapon that we use to treat all areas of the body including your neck, chest, body, and other areas to address common skin irregularities and provide you more youthful looking skin.

Our process removes the majority of the growths of concern with out irritating the surrounding tissue.

What Are Minor Skin Irregularities?

Skin Tags

Cherry Angiomas

Broken Capillaries

Clogged Pores

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Brown spots / Flat hyperpigmentation

Skin Classic FAQ

What is post treatment Care like?

  • We recommend using a moisturizing sun block and a gentle cleanser after your treatment as well as utilizing a good skin care routine. Having a good skin care routine will help reduce the frequency of minor skin irregularities from occurring in the future!

What areas can be treated with the skin classic treatment?

  • Any area of your skin that you want treated that has minor skin irregularities. 

Who is a good candidate for the Skin Classic treatment?

  • Anyone who is wanting to safely remove any minor irregularities listed above!

Are there any side effects associated with the Skin Classic treatment?

  • Skin Classic is safe and non-invasive treatment. Our estheticians are well trained and practiced in removing any irregularity you are concerned about. There is a small probability of scarring around the treated area.

What can't Skin Classic Treatment Address?

  • The Skin Classic treatments can not address acne or cystic acne. We have alternate treatments at the Atelier to address those concerns! We also don't treat any moles or cancerous skin conditions. Please see your dermatologist to get treated!

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