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Treat//Resist Plus - Anti-Aging Daily Skin Serum for All Skin Types

Treat//Resist Plus - Anti-Aging Daily Skin Serum for All Skin Types

Use our Daily Skin Serum will give you brighter, firmer skin. Treat//Resist Plus Hydrates and fights environmental aging by neutralizing free-radicals on all skin types.


Treat//Resist Plus uses highly stabilized Vitamin C and Ferulic acid to combat free-radicals and boost the formation of collagen. Water loss is fought by hydrating Jojoba, minimizing evaporation. Salicylic acid decreases inflammation and gently exfoliates deep within your pores. Softening and hydrating your skin are hyaluronic acid and pseudo-collagen.


Best for: All Skin Types, Environmentally Damaged Skin, Anti-Aging, Mature Skin


Treat//Resist Plus Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C Polypeptide neutralizes free radicals and aid in the formation of collagen, brightens skin tone.


Ferulic Acid increases the benefits of Vitamin C.


Jojoba reduces water loss.


Plant derived Psuedo-collagen and hyaluronic acid softens and hydrates the skin.


Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates inside the pore, and is an anti­inflammatory.

  • Treat//Resist Plus Instructions:

    Massage 1 drop of serum over clean dry skin 1-2x daily, concentrating on problem areas. Follow with moisturizer or sun protection.

  • Amber Budd Skincare (TM) Certifications:

    Our Premier Skin Care Line is Paraben Free, Pthalate Free, Mineral Oil Free, Gluten Free, and Cruelty Free/Leaping Bunny Certified.

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