American Spa Magazine Features MyEsthi App

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Excerpt Is Below

With visits to physical stores and in-person esthetician appointments put on hold for the majority of the country, alternative methods are needed for individuals looking for skincare advice. Fortunately, Amber Budd Peterson, a licensed advanced practice esthetician, was ahead of the curve and launched an app called myEsthi in late 2019, which allows users to book affordable one-on-one video consultations with licensed esthetic professionals.

“It’s a way to work with an esthetician without having to leave your home or be able to learn about your skin on your lunch break,” says Peterson. “We have built a proprietary platform, giving the estheticians an opportunity for a side hustle, and the clients an opportunity to learn about their skin, not what works for someone else. Some brands offer chat functions, but again, they’re salespeople, not licensed, knowledgeable professionals.”

Thank you Carol for the beautiful write up!

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