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Gel Moisturizers...huh?

Q: What the HECK are these Gel Moisturizers I keep seeing?

A: The quick and dirty answer is: Gel Moisturizers are typically water or aloe based moisturizers, which are great for all skin types, for different reasons.

Dry or Aging skin can benefit from the hydration boost of a Gel Moisturizer under their cream moisturizer. A Gel typically has large quantities of Hyaluronic acid in it, which will attract moisture from the air and lock it into skin.

Oily or Acneic skin can benefit from the light texture and non-comedogenic (won’t cause breakouts) factor of the Gel Moisturizer. Many times, oily skin is actually lacking in water, so the Gel will add the water and help balance the skin.

Combination skin can benefit from all of the above at different times and may find a gel moisturizer to be the perfect balance for their skin!

My Favorite is of course Bioelements, the Beyond Hydration. I’ve been using it this summer to help balance my skin. (pro tip: I keep it in the fridge to add to the cooling sensation when applied!)

Another pro tip: Gel moisturizers can be applied OVER most makeup. Just Tap it onto the skin where you need extra hydration through the day.

What product or skincare questions do you have? Send me an email at for your questions to be answered on the Atelier Blog.

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