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8 Tips for Spray Tan Newbies -and - Regulars - season 2, episode 6

how to get an even, long-lasting spray tan

Spray tans work by applying a sunless tanning solution to the skin, whose active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When DHA comes into contact with your skin, it reacts with the proteins in your skin’s outermost layer to create a bronze color.

Often we are asked what the best way to prep for the tan and take care of it afterward. We carry a line of products specifically for prep and post-care, but here are a few extra tips to get you started!

1- Exfoliate properly: Many individuals skip or inadequately exfoliate their skin before a spray tan. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, ensuring an even application and preventing the tan from clinging to dry patches or uneven areas.

2- Don’t moisturize or use moisturizing body washes prior to your tan: doing so before a spray tan can create a barrier on the skin, hindering the tan's absorption.

3- Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your tan appointment: right before a spray tan can open up the pores and lead to uneven color absorption, leaving what I (un)fondly refer to as “strawberry dot skin”

4- On the day of your tan, remove makeup, and deodorant and don’t use perfume: deodorant can leave a barrier between your skin and the solution, and perfume leave dots wherever it was sprayed. To ensure an even tan, don’t use either on the day of your appointment.

Now that you’ve been sprayed:

1 - wear loose, dark clothing or clothing you don’t mind staining, until your first rinse: this ensures there are no “rub” lines where your clothes might remove some of the spray tan solution

2 - Don’t use shower gel or or soap in your first rinse: just use water. And when you think you’re done rinsing, keep rinsing for 60-90 seconds. I can almost guarantee you’ll find somewhere that you didn’t rinse yet

3 - Hydrate your skin with any moisturizer you love after your rinse, and continue to do so for the length of your tan. This helps keep the tan longer, and a more even sloughing as well

4 - when the spray tan inevitably starts to fade (insert sad here) - it's time to start exfoliating so you can come back for more! (insert happy here!)

Remember, every individual's skin is different, so results can vary. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to consult with one of our certified tanning technicians before the session.

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