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Skin Care and Facial Spa


Skin Care Services

At Amber Budd Atelier, we offer Professional Skin Care Treatments, European Style Facials, and Advanced Treatments. Our trained professionals and licensed esthetician team use the latest technology and highest quality products to exceed your skincare goals!

Our clients and friends love our relaxing appointment and fantastic experience. Enhance your skin by professionals that achieve wonderful results on all skin types (Oily, Acne, Combination, Sensitive, and Normal Skin)!

Most Popular Services - Advanced Skin Treatments

{RezSignature Facial}

The treatment is customized for each client's needs, it is a very relaxing and effective choice for a truly corrective treatment without any downtime.


STEP 1: OXYGENATION- OxyPods Create Oxygen-WITHIN The Skin — Not Just On The Skin, which increases nutrient density in all layers of the skin, resulting in healthier skin immediately
STEP 2: ULTRASOUND - delivering instant smoothing results on the surface, while allowing treatment serum to penetrate deeper into the skin

STEP 3: NEO-MASSAGE - delivers instant reduction in redness and puffiness, while further deeply infusing the active ingredients of the Geneo Serum. The massage head also provides increase blood flow while relaxing facial muscles and pressure points to diminish unwanted expression lines.

{Face Reality - Advanced Acne Treatment}

Face Reality is an Advanced Acne Treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. It is a very relaxing and effective choice for a truly corrective treatment performed by our certified in house professional!

{Cryo T Shock}

Cryo T Shock is an innovative new way to use cryotherapy and is a highly effective treatment for skin renewal. It uses plate-shaped applicators that are placed directly on the skin. These applicators deliver a precise, targeted dose of cold that penetrates deep into the tissue. This therapy helps to reduce inflammation, tighten skin, and improve collagen production. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any downtime.

{Skin Classic}

The Skin Classic is an award-winning alternative treatment for common skin irregularities such as broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, keratosis, skin tags, hyper-pigmentation, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, and acne. 

Face Reality Acne Treatment
Skin Classic
Cryo T Shock

Facial Treatments

{RezSignature Facial} 

This treatment reduces fine lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation and leaves your skin looking radiant and acting younger.

It painlessly creates hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin, leading to immediate plumpness, allowing for greater absorption of the nutrients introduced into the skin during treatment.

{AquaGlo Facial}

This premium facial provides simultaneous effective aqua-exfoliation and topical infusion of hydration serums to consistently unclog and gently cleanse pores.

{Signature Facial}

Includes a lifting and firming facial massage, hand, arm and scalp massage, two forms of exfoliation and one of our treatment masks.

Advanced Facials

Chemical Peels

{Chemical Peel}

This facial service is great for anyone who wants to diminish fine lines, stimulate collagen production, increase cell turnover, improve texture and skin tone, decrease breakouts, and increase glow!

Peels at the Atelier are Progressive, meaning you will see results immediately, as well as increasingly better skin through a series of peels spaced two-eight weeks apart, planned with your esthetician.

Skin Treatments Add Ons


All the benefits of a signature facial, with the addition of a bladed exfoliation, leaving skin smooth and hair free around your all of your facial features. (except your brows, I'll let you keep those!) All skin types can benefit from this except those with heavy breakouts.

{Celluma LED Light Therapy}

Add LED light treatment to any facial or wax service for a more glowing complexion, while reducing acne, maskne, and wrinkle reduction.

Chemical Peels
LED Treatment

Facial Salon and Spa Services FAQ

Do we offer a Facial Massage or other Massage Services at the Atelier?

  • No, we do not offer massage therapy services at the Atelier; however, we can suggest reputable local businesses within the Burnsville MN area.

Do we offer medical spa services at the Atelier?

  • Currently we do not offer medical spa services at the Atelier; however, we are moving in that direction! We are partnering with a Nurse Botox Injectionist to provide this popular service!

Does a chemical peel remove dead skin cells?

  • Yes, our chemical peels help with a combination of issues to include: removing dead skin cells on the top layer of skin, reducing inflammation, increases collagen production, while reducing dry skin and oily skin.

Is it good to give your face a facial treatment?

  • Yes! Our facial treatment are built off of skin types (Oily, Acne...Etc) and help to exfoliate pores, reduce wrinkles, relax facial muscles, increase circulation, and help tighten skin. You will see a progressive and fabulous change when you visit our amazing estheticians!

Is a Spa Facial worth it?

  • Yes. Yes. and Yes. A good skin care salon (and ours is one of the best) keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy with care, technology, and a little bit of pampering...because we all deserve it.

How much is a good facial treatment?

  • The average cost of a facial treatment and/or facial massage in the Twin Cities is (Insert Number Here).

Do you offer other services at the Salon?

  • We do! We provide a wide range of beauty services other than our relaxing facials to include: Facial Waxing, Body Waxing, Lash Lift and Tints (similar to lash perms), Makeup, Bridal Services, Infrared Sauna treatments, Lash Extensions, Custom Spray Tanning, and Teeth Whitening. And we specialize in Acne services to include Acne extractions and Acne Treatments.

Do you offer education at the Atelier?

  • We do! It's tough enough to navigate the beauty industry. Our team (and owner) provides a rolling selection of training to shape your understanding of beauty topics like Gua Sha Stone massage and nutrition for skin health. If you're interested, sign up to opt in for our local business email and we will send out the word when we have a class (don't worry - we don't share your info with anyone).

Do you offer any Skin Care products at the Atelier?

  • Absolutely! We created Amber Budd Skincare(R) for both women and men. Our line contains the highest quality nourishing ingredients and antioxidants that will give you confidence in your skin. We provide moisturizer, creams, Vitamin C and Anti-Aging Serums, and an outstanding moisturizing balm for your lips.

Do you do any virtual consultations?

  • No - we only do face to face consultations.

Do you do manicures or pedicures?

  • No, we don't do anything with nails or feet (including a foot massage); however, we can suggest a reputable business (or businesses) within the Burnsville, MN or greater Minneapolis, MN area.

Do we do microdermabrasion?

  • No. We do not have microdermabrasion at the Atelier.

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