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Skincare Basics Part 4: Toner, Girl, You need a toner.

Toner. The hero of our story.

I've had countless people ask me over the years "why do I need toner?"


"Oh I used to use seabreeze....I can still smell it” *


"Is it REALLY necessary?"

The short answer is YES. It is.

So let’s take a trip to my shower. No nothing untoward is happening...I just want you to have a visual.

I have a glass walled shower. When I take a shower, and don't spray and wipe down the glass, I get water spots on the glass walls. Those water spots are the mineral buildup from the water.

When we wash our face, a few things happen

1. our cleanser puts the pH of our skin out of its prime range - purposefully, to help cleanse away the dirt and bacteria

2. because we rinse with water, the minerals build up on the skin creating a film similar to those water spots on the glass

A Toner counters those two things:

it puts your skin back into prime pH AND it removes those water spots just like a windex wash would on that glass shower door. (please don't use windex on your skin. It was funny in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - it's not funny in real life)

WHY is is important for you to have your skin in optimal pH and remove the mineral buildup?

It helps prevent irritation, dryness, and perhaps most importantly, it helps all the other products you put on after it work better.

*Seabreeze is an astringent, NOT a toner, there IS a difference!

**Bonus Tip**Toners can be used all over the body to prevent that winter dry itch on the skin You can spray it all over and wipe down with a towel

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