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Atelier Holiday Hygge 2020: Vol 1/6

This Holiday the Atelier is bringing you some cozy hygge inspired cheer! Be sure to follow our Instagram stories over the next six weeks as there will be new fun each week (and some giveaways)!

@amberbudd @h.r.lashes @beauty_by_heatherlyn

We decided that the first thing we need to start with is a little Christmas groove - if you’ve ever been to the Atelier you know we love music! Have you seen Ambers wall of musical instruments? Have you heard Heidi’s increasingly atypical playlists? Heather may be new to you, but you’ll feel like long time friends when she breaks out James Taylor on the record player (...*record scratch* We don’t have a record player? Amber, how come we don’t have a record player)?

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet us yet, we are very melodic - did you know Amber is a classically trained singer? Just ask her to hit a high C sometime (do this for our entertainment at the very least)! Heidi has an instrument pictured on Ambers wall, she’ll let you figure out which one. And dear Heather has recently told us that she has respectfully decided to decline future requests to sing for the safety of all crystal and glassware in her immediate vicinity. The chandeliers and Opera Ghosts thank you, Heather.

All that preamble to establish that music is exceptionally important to us; from setting a mood, to lifting one's spirits, we recommend good tunes as the answer. Today we are sharing an amalgamation of our eclectic favorite holiday songs; for real, shuffle has got nothing on us. We hope you’ll give them a listen and even send us some of your favorites too! You’ll find we are always your ride-or-die disco divas for music suggestions - giving and receiving - after all, a mixtape is the simplest way to say I love you as a holiday gift!

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