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Summer Skincare Q and A: Part 2

Ahhhh the sun….it’s finally arrived in the Midwest, so I’m a pretty happy girl. A happy girl with (still) pasty-white skin.

And I’m totally okay with that.

I embraced it when I was 12 years old. I am never going to be one of those people who can get a tan. I’m genetically predisposed to burns and skin cancer, and I’m not willing to risk it. So I slather on the good stuff every two hours diligently, and continue to enjoy my hard cider or bloody mary on a patio. There is no reason to give up the fun just to stay pale.

All that being said, these tips are not just for my ghostly readers…they’re for everyone. If your skin is predisposed to tanning, your skin is going to tan, regardless of the protection you use. Those 3+ % of rays that seep through the sunscreen will tan you. Don’t be fooled into thinking you shouldn’t wear it…mmmmkay? :) (humor me)

Q: “I’ve heard tattoos need to be covered for the immediate time after they are applied, but how about a year later? or more?”

A: “ALWAYS cover your tattoos. The ink spreads and fades quicker when exposed to sunlight, and we want your ink to last and look as fresh as possible for always, right?! The best is a Zinc or Titanium oxide sunscreen.”

Q: “what is the best way to make sure I’m covered for a long day at a music festival or the beach?”

A: “First, make sure you apply minimum 30 minutes before sun exposure. Second, Double up. Start with a layer of lotion and follow with a layer of spray. Continue to add layers of just the spray every 2 hours, or every 60 minutes if you’re in water. Yes, that means you have to bring your sunscreen with you. Don’t leave it at home, it’s no good to you on your kitchen counter”

Q: “okay, so I didn’t listen to you….and I got a burn….what now?”

A: “I’m sorry to hear that…I had one nasty burn as a child, and I can still remember crying when water touched it. The best thing to do is keep the area cool. You’ve literally burned the skin. So keep aloe on hand and apply as often as needed. This will help re-hydrate and soothe the skin.You can take an ibuprofen for inflammation as well. This will help keep you comfortable.When the skin begins the unsightly peeling process, do not, I repeat, DO NOT peel or scrub the skin. Allow it to shed naturally to avoid infection.Take cool showers until it is healed. Hot water can exacerbate already irritated skin.Next time, wear sunscreen. 30+ please. Thanks.”

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