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Late Fall // Early Winter...What Are We Looking Forward To?

Like many of you (especially if you're also in the upper midwest) we take a lot of the winter to indulge in our favorite indoor activities...podcasts, movies, music, books, magazines, etc… we even have our own holiday playlist on Spotify (link HERE) that we update every year. (note: there's some sweary words on this list, so "earmuffs" when the kiddos are present, if that's your jam)

With that in mind, we thought we would share the things we are looking forward to this late Fall//Winter season so you can join in the fun.

Let us know your favorites and upcoming excitement so we can check those out too!

Taylor is looking forward to:

Minnesota Wild games

The New (and long-awaited) Avatar Movie, The Way of Water (Dec 16, 2022)

Heidi (our resident media expert) is looking forward to:


Miss Scarlet and the Duke (PBS Masterpiece)

Emily in Paris (Netflix, December 21)

Great british baking show (Netflix)

Enterglactic (Netflix)

Blockbuster (Netflix)

Abbott elementary (Hulu)


Tswift Midnights (oct 21, 2022)

Kid Cudi Entergalactic (sept 30, 2022)

MIA Mata (Oct 14, 2022)

Arctic Monkey the car ( Oct 21, 2022)


The Woman King (sept 16, 2022)

Catherine Called Birdie (Prime)

Glass Onion: A knives out mystery (netflix)

Moonage Daydream

Hocus Pocus 2 (disney +)

Concerts // Fine Art

Better than Ezra concert in Chicago (October)

Minneapolis Institute of Art: Botticelli Exhibit (through January 8)

Amber is looking forward to:

Being an Elf ALLLLL season long, and driving around looking at Christmas lights

Watching White Christmas, Elf and The Holiday

T Swift Midnights Album

Better than Ezra Concert in Chicago (October)

Whenever Ted Lasso comes back

Prince Harry's book, Spare (January 10, 2023)

Emily in Paris (Dec 21, Netflix)

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