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A few days ago, a client asked me why peptides were so good for her skin. I knew the base answer, but honestly couldn’t break it down any further than that to simple terms (We’re all learning every day right?!) So I told her I’d look it up…and here’s the result of that….

Simply put. peptides are small chains of amino acids. Amino acids make up proteins. Therefore, peptides are small chains of protein. (actual numbers, for you nerdy types like me…. if there’s a chain of 50 or more amino acids, its a protein, if there’s a chain of 49 or less amino acids, its a peptide)

Peptides act as the messengers between ingredients and our cells.There are three types of Peptides currently used in skincare:

Signal peptides- tell fibroblasts to make more collagen or protect existing collagen

Neurotransmitter Peptides- limits muscle contraction, acting in a similar way to Botox (HELL YES! for all you needle-phobes like me!)

Carrier peptides - deliver trace elements of things like Copper for wound healing

Currently my favorite peptide laced product is Bioelements Power Peptide Toner - it balances the pH of your skin so everything you use after it is more effective, as well as hydrates, improves overall skin tone and boosts moisture. (you have to buy this through a dermatologist or esthetician….do not buy this product on Amazon, it cannot be guaranteed at all at that point.)

So that’s it for my peptide mini-lesson. Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear them!

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