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Professional Waxing

No more worrying about 5 pm stubble on your legs, bikini line (yikes!), or your unruly brows. Save time with the Atelier's fast, thorough results, and long-lasting smoothness.

Professional Waxing and Brow Services

{The Bikini Waxing Babes}

Brazilian Wax - $75

French Bikini Wax - $55

Remove all or most of your pubic hair using our highest quality wax (including butt strips). 

Remove all or most of your pubic hair using our highest quality wax (not including butt strips). 

Bikini Wax - $45

Remove all or most of your pubic hair outside the underwear lines. 

{Brow Waxing and Lip Waxing}

Brow Wax & Shaping - $30

This is not your ordinary eyebrow wax! We take our time examining your facial features and measuring the brows to create the most flattering brow shape for you. Take a look at our before/after gallery below to review our most popular waxing service! 

Brow Wax & Shaping / Brow Tint Combo - $50

Our best eyebrow wax and shaping (listed above) plus tint your brows to the color or shade that you desire. 

Brow Wax & Shaping / Lip Waxing Combo - $40

Our best eyebrow wax and shaping (listed above) plus remove unwanted lip hair. 

{Dermablading a.k.a. Dermaplaning or facial blading}

Dermablading - $60

Treat your skin and remove unwanted hair with our dermablade treatment! We use a surgical blade to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells while painlessly removing unwanted facial hair. 

{Face Waxing and Body Waxing}

Full Face Wax - $70

Achieve a smooth and hair free face with our full face wax! 

Under Arm Wax - $25

Quickly remove any unwanted under arm hair. 

Lip and Chin Wax - $30

Waxing hair removal for your lip and chin. 

Back or Chest Wax - $55

Benefit from the use of the industry's highest quality wax to remove either Back Hair or Chest Hair. 

Half Leg Wax - $55

Benefit from our talented staff to quickly remove unwanted hair from your leg. 

Lip Wax - $15

Remove hair and peach fuzz from your lip. 

Chin Wax - $15

Remove hair and whiskers from your chin. 

Cheek Wax - $25

Remove hair and peach fuzz from your cheek.  

Nose Wax - $15

Our most underrated wax service! You won't ever manually remove nose hair again. Our process quickly and painlessly removes unwanted lower nose hair.  

Ear Wax - $20

Remove hair from your ears! 

Waxing Expectations at the Atelier?

#1 - Staff Greeting

Our professional staff will greet you at the door upon your arrival before your appointment. We will ensure that you are properly set up for your appointment! 

#2 - Relaxation Room

Please enjoy our relaxation room prior to your appointment. Our Zero-Gravity Chairs and relaxed environment help soothe anxiety or nerves prior to your appointment. 

#3 - Meet With Service Provider

Our service provider will walk you through the steps of your service and what you should do during and after the service. Our providers customize waxing services to ensure the most painless and enjoyable experience. 

#4 - Undress to comfort level

If the service requires removal of clothes (typically pubic, torso, and lower body services), please undress to your level of comfort.

#5 - Waxing Service

Our service providers are are well-trained licensed estheticians.


We use the highest grade wax and adhere to strict waxing protocol to ensure the least painful (and quick!) waxing process.


We will guide you including instructions on what is the best waxing position! Make sure to ask any questions if you need to!

#6 - Check out

Post Wax, we'll walk you to our check out area and ensure that you have an opportunity to rebook at your convenience.

Please note: Our providers are usually booked 6 weeks out.


Please ask any questions that you have as our providers are here for you. We want to make sure that you leave happy, healthy, and well-informed about waxing and your skin! 

Waxing and Brow Gallery

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