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Treat//1000 - Hydrating Daily Skin Serum for all Skin Types

Treat//1000 - Hydrating Daily Skin Serum for all Skin Types

Use our Daily Skin Serum to plump, firm, and hydrate all skin types!


Treat//1000 uses bio-recognizeable Acqua BiominCopper Y3 to boost smoothing and moisturizing of your skin's cells. The Rock Stars here are Dual sized Hyaluronic acid molecules that provide for hydration to be fed directly into your skin.  They do this by using the small molecule to penetrate the skin while the larger ones stays on top to pass the moisture down to the smaller ones. The large molecule also traps moisture on the skin that attempts to evaporate. Hello, hydration!


Best for: Mature Skin, Dehydrated Skin, All Skin Types


Treat//1000 Plus Key Ingredients:

Dual size hyaluronic molecules for better product efficiency - Smaller size penetrates deeper into the skin to plump from inside, Larger size penetrates upper layer of skin absorbing what is trying to evaporate, and trapping the water into the skin.


Acqua Biomin Copper Y3 is a  bio recognizable mineral which provides extra smoothing and moisturizing benefits to cells.

  • Treat//1000 Instructions:

    Apply 1-2 drops to clean skin, then spritz face with toner or apply a little bit of water over top of serum. Follow with moisturizer or sunscreen.

  • Amber Budd Skincare (TM) Certifications:

    Our Premier Skin Care Line is Paraben Free, Pthalate Free, Mineral Oil Free, Gluten Free, and Cruelty Free/Leaping Bunny Certified.

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